COTD: Dark Salmon

Today's color of the day is dark salmon. It's a nice hue, not too harsh, smells great. It reminds me of smoked salmon from Ketchikan, Alaska. Ketchikan is the totem pole capitol of the world.

The untrained eye might think "pink" or "peach" or "saturated tan." But look at it, it's not those, it's dark salmon.

What's with all the 'dark' colors? Since there is a "dark salmon," there must be a "regular salmon." Indeed there is. When you can't think of a name of a color, and the lightness of the color is slightly darker than another color, a name for which you can think, then you might end up naming it that color with the word "dark" in front of it.

Remember when Indiana Jones was sick one day and then instead of doing a sword fight scene he just pulled out his gun and shot the bad guy? That is what dark salmon is. It's when you don't want to deal with the fancy tricks and you just want the finish the task. Dark salmon it.

Color of the Day

This post is part of a series of posts called Color of the Day where I talk about CSS colors. Each named CSS color is assigned to one day.

I am trying to memorize all the named CSS colors. In these posts I talk about colors as if they were my dear friends.