COTD: Grey

Is it spelled with an "a" or an "e"? Answer: Both! Plain old "grey" (I prefer it spelled with an "e") is a nice color. The hex value is #808080. It is a nice simple half-intensity color across the board.

From Hailstones and Halibut Bones by Mary O'Neill, behold a poem about grey:

Gray is the color of an elephant and a mouse
and a falling apart house.
it's fog and smog, fine print and lint,
it's a hush and the bubbling of oatmeal mush.

Tiredness and oysters, both are gray,
smoke swirls and grandmother curls.
So are some spring coats and nannygoats.

Eagles are gray and a rainy day
the sad look of a slum and chewing gum
Wood ash and linen crash.

Pussywillows are gray in a velvety way.
Suits, shoes and bad news, 
beggars' hats and alley cats,

Skin of a mole and a worn slipper sole.
Content is gray and sleepiness, too
they wear gray suede gloves
when they're touching you...

The part I like about that poem is tiredness and sleepiness are grey. That grey meets halfway. I am amused by that state of being in between sleep and awake, where weird thoughts occur.

#808080 is my favorite grey.

Color of the Day

This post is part of a series of posts called Color of the Day where I talk about CSS colors. Each named CSS color is assigned to one day.

I am trying to memorize all the named CSS colors. In these posts I talk about colors as if they were my dear friends.