I Went to a Concert: Tove Styrke

Small venue. Small crowd. Short concert. Awesome voice.

Last night I went to a concert at the Triple Rock Social Club to see one of my favorite artists, Swedish singer Tove Styrke. I stumbled across Tove four years ago on Spotify and her voice hooked me in right away. I remember the first song I heard was "High or Low" and I was enamoured by how awesome it sounded. I had to listen to it a few times in a row. Then I listened to all the songs available from her first release, self-titled Tove Styrke.

I was excited when I saw she was touring in the United States. I bought a ticket right away. She said this is her first tour in North America.


Tove doesn't have to hide behind any facade. She is just who she is. I get the feeling that she doesn't care what people think of her, she just does what she wants. At the concert she showed up in just random clothes and hair not brushed. It was just she and her band and her songs, awkward dancing included.

That awesome voice you heard on youtube is real in real life. Her voice is crystal clear and she sings extremely well. She had a short set at the concert (‟I don't have that many songs,” she said). They played for about 40 minutes, but she was singing pretty much the whole time, with full force performance. I have to admit I was annoyed at the other audience members who were chatting during the concert. I wanted to hear the performance.

Here is my new favorite song of hers: Ego.

Her new album Kiddo will be released in June 2015. Update: Of course it is now released.